Ride the wave. Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes are built for well-rounded runs, from short-distance sprints to marathons.

The Mizuno Wave plate offers corrective technology, providing premium cushioning and stability to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride when you go the distance. Wave plates evenly distribute shock and help to prevent overpronation and injuries, and increase balance and abrasion resistance - so all your needs are covered on your running adventures.
Wave shoes include innovative technologies such as blown rubber, enforced with carbon microfibres, reducing wear and tear over many miles of running. And the heel contains U4ic and U4icX materials for soft landings, as well as delivering extra bounce and stability.
Reach new heights of performance with Mizuno Wave plates. Shoes including the Rider, Inspire, and Skyrise boast innovative features that make pushing yourself a walk, or run, in the park. Mizuno thrives in the knowledge that everyone runs differently, but whatever your style, they've got a shoe for you.

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