Fast hiking partnership with Cotswold Outdoor. Two people fast hiking up the mountain


Fast Hiking by Cotswold Outdoor



Cotswold Outdoor and Runners Need’s partnership is borne from dedicated efforts to making the world healthier. We love the outdoors, we love running, we love any activity that gets us up and out, day or night. Fast hiking’s hybrid nature means the kit you need to excel in this fitness frenzy is covered by both retailers, through impassioned advice and quality products, your targets will be reached, and your records broken, time and time again.


Fast hiking is the trend taking over the running world. A combination of running, hiking and backpacking, fast hiking is a joint discipline of endurance, weight resistance, and speed. Always leading the pack, Runners Need is right on the pulse of this new hybrid craze, and we’re providing a great range of products for you on your multi-day fast hiking adventures.

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